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Camper vans storage service

To park and store your own camper van in a suitable place is absolutely important to maintain your  vehicle in the best conditions. Expert campers know this is fundamental. Camper vans may look tough and nearly unbreakable but, to tell the truth, they need much care and routine maintenance to better face the passing of time.

With our storage service, some of those useful servicing works can be carried out by us upon agreement. In this way, you’d save time for your holidays or week ends on the island; in fact, we can check the tyres pressure, clean your vehicle, recharge its battery, recharge solar panels and so on…

You’d have water and tools available for your own “do it yourself” jobs and, if you get here to pick up your camper van by car, you’ll have free parking for all your holidays’ length.

 Because  great holidays start before departure…


Daily: €12.00

Monthly ( 30 days from contract date) : 180.00 €

Quarterly ( 90 days from contract date ) : 460.00 €

Annual ( 365 days from contract date ) : 600.00 €

For more information on the storage period do not hesitate to contact us.

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